What’s So Special About Los Angeles Anyways

I have a soft spot for LA because there are so many California dreams associated with the entertainment capital of the world. Los Angeles is home to some of America’s greatest zip codes and cities, ranging from Hollywood, California to Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Pasadena.

So much history is found in the span of geography between Beverly Hills to the west and Pasadena to the east.

For one, the world famous Rose Bowl is located in Pasadena that is home to some of the best restaurants in the world thanks to the culinary school Le Cordon Bleu.

The area also has a rich history of famous architecture from Art Deco to Craftsmen. LA is home to names like: Greene & Greene, Frank Gehry and Frank Lloyd Wright.

One of my favorite architectural destinations around the city is The Gamble House. This habitable work of art was built in
the early 1900s by brothers Charles and Henry Greene. It is now owned by the City of Pasadena and operated by the University of Southern California after becoming a historic landmark in 1978.


(fun fact: Back to the Future used the home as Doc’s mansion in the film).

Pretty neat huh?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg with everything to see!

Pasadena is one of my favorite cities in the surrounding LA area and I can’t wait to share more of it’s beauty and strong hold in the San Gabriel Valley with you.

Until next time.




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